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Timeline - only browns


The 1st Generation of the Jhaveri Family starts dealing in pearls from Zaveri Bazaar.


We entered the diamond business as there were many more opportunities and volume in the diamond business compared to pearl.


The 2nd generation led by Mr. Kamal Jhaveri joined the business. We ventured into the business of brown diamonds



We moved to Opera House in South Mumbai and started operations from Prasad Chamber (The diamond hub of India)



Our present CEO Mr. Alpesh Jhaveri joined the business. In 1994, we also started manufacturing brown diamonds. Those days were the perfect time to start manufacturing brown diamonds because of the opportunities that were just coming up.



Hong Kong office is started with a tremendous positive response.


The brand Only Browns fully took wings and got widely appreciated for its meticulousness, dedication to craftsmanship, and finesse. Only Browns steadily grows to become the synonym for high-quality brown diamonds.


We shifted to Bharat Diamond Bourse, BKC - the world’s largest diamond bourse.


We participated in the HongKong show in March and September.


Only Browns introduces its first new engagement ring design in nearly a decade called the Only Browns Shine in 2015.



The Only Browns collection makes its debut, heralding a new era with it. Capturing the love, elegance, cheerfulness, strength, and creativity that Only Browns stands for, this collection quickly becomes an icon for the ages.



We have launched our new website and mobile application (specifically for big sizes of brown diamonds - 2 carats to 10 carats)


our legacy

Direct sourcing & buying from the world’s biggest and valuable mines.

We’re market leaders, thought leaders & industry pioneers in the brown diamonds segment.

Only Browns is a 3rd generation family-run business.

our usp

Largest inventory
of brown diamonds

all shapes and
sizes available

stones by gia

layouts &
pairs available

our approach


Having been in the industry for longer than 4 decades, we enjoy great goodwill & a healthy relationship with sight holders worldwide. We source rough diamonds from the biggest and most reliable mines from around the world.

Cutting and Polishing

Next up is the cutting and polishing process. This step includes sub-steps such as cut planning, cleaving, bruting, polishing and blocking.


The next step is assorting the rough diamonds. Broadly, we classify diamonds into the typical 9 intensities ranging from faint to light, fancy, and deep. We further classify them into champagne, cognac, and chocolate diamonds – the popular types of brown diamonds.


The diamonds are then fine-tuned and a level of finesse is achieved in their design, making them look stunning.


After successful inspection, the diamonds are sent for certification, which includes grading and certification according to the 4Cs of diamonds.


All diamonds are now inspected. Inspection ensures that the diamonds meet all the required standards.

our approach


Alpesh Jhaveri

the founder of Aman Gem our parent company, established the Only Browns brand in 1999.

He is renowned in the diamond market for his unparalleled work ethics and principles. Back in time, Aman Gem was known as Clean Diamonds, a family business where they took on the risk and reward of creating something from nothing. Energetic and imperious, astute and smooth, modest and zealous -- these adjectives describe the years of hard work done by Alpesh Jhaveri to build the company.