Why Brown Diamonds?

Colored diamonds today are a great way to make an impression! They help you to make a unique style statement and are being endorsed by celebrities worldwide. Among the various available colors, these days right from pink, blue, purple, red, yellow, green, and even black, brown ones are known for their appealing touch and ability to provide fantastic contrasts. Jewelry designers today are having a roaring time as interesting and unique design ideas are pouring forth from the customers. Inspired by celebrity trends, their own imagination, and customization requirements, eye-catching presentations are making their way to the store shelves.
So, what are some main reasons that make brown diamonds soar in popularity?

Rare and Unique

Brown diamonds are rare with most of them coming from diamond mines in Australia, South Africa, and Siberia. Argyle mines in Western Australia are the largest producer of this kind of natural diamond varieties. Available in different shades interestingly named as Chocolate, Cognac, and Champagne there's a wide range of shades choices in this simple natural brown ranging from light tones to darker ones. Naturally, when something is unique and quite rare people tend to love it more under demands increase!

Customization options

You can customize the brown diamonds anyway you want and manufacturers are creating all kinds of fancy shape to let your imagination soar. Combine it with all kinds of stones and even colorless diamonds to create an exquisite jewelry piece.

Create an Heirloom

With brown diamonds being such a rarity who knows whether people are even going to get one to purchase in the future. So by investing in a brown diamond you may be creating an heirloom for your family to be passed on through generations.

A Great Investment

Such a unique and rare diamond variety of course is a great investment as its price is only going to increase in the coming times as it becomes more and more rare. The prices have increased minimum 10 times in last 15 years!

Express Yourself Beautifully

Create your very own style identity by sporting a brown diamond on your body. You are sure to earn kudos for your perfect choice!

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