Product Stock

We make it a point to maintain the largest possible stock of brown diamonds in various shades, shapes, and numerous sizes. With the world opening up to the possibilities of this stone in colors other than the ubiquitous colorless variation, Aman Gem ensures that you get to make the best choices every time. We deal only in the highest quality stones to ensure heightened customer satisfaction.

Go through our exclusive stock to find a vast array of exciting brown stones, polished and presented to perfection at our very own advanced design center. With expansive business dealings across the globe, we need to remain prepared for all kinds of requirements from our customers. 

Product Stock Features

  • Choose from innumerable carat sizes from 0.01ct to 10 ct.
  • Stock available to fulfill your specific millimeter size requirement
  • Heart and Arrow cut available in brown diamonds
  • Quality from SI to VVS
  • Color gradation from C1 to C8

With our business expanding to various countries across the globe that include USA, Hong Kong, Germany and other European nations and across India we maintain a fully stocked inventory. Today brown and chocolate stones are working their way into the heart of the diamond lovers and being flaunted on the necks, arms, and hands with increased popularity. Aman Gem wants to fulfill this new and exciting requirement to the best of our abilities with our top of the line stone selections for buyers across the world.

If you have a specific brown diamond variation in mind, we will be quite happy to fulfill your requirement from our ever-expanding stock with varied selections. Besides the regular round varieties of diamond, we also offer various fancy shapes to be used in different jewelry designs. Use of state of the art technology for cutting and shaping diamonds ensures 100% quality maintenance in every product that you purchase from our store.

Rigorous testing processes ensure that only the best stones are available for purchase. You can contact our experts to know about the features and unique characters associated with each stone. So, just go through our inventory and get ready for pleasant surprises at every turn!