Our Speciality/Our Uniqueness

When the whole world is going gaga over colorful diamonds as the girl's best friend, Aman Gem has chosen to tread the path less travelled by and have come out enriched from the experience…

Welcome to the most popular manufacturers, importers, and exporters of BROWN DIAMONDS in India! We deal in dark brown stones, which is our specialty. You can contact us for diamonds of various shapes and sizes ranging from 0.01 ct up to stones of 10 ct size. Buyers can choose color grades from C1 to C8. Available mainly in VS+ quality our knowledge, expertise, and size availability help us to meet the exact specifications of our clients. So we offer you only the most spectacular stones every time at the PERFECT value.

What makes our diamonds special?

  • Savings purchase:We want you to get the best deals every time when you purchase diamonds from us! You may compare our products with other traders and find That We Are Offering One of the Most Competitive Prices in the Industry Today.
  • Quality Promise:When you purchase from us you are assured about the quality of the diamonds because every stone come with guaranteed and recognized certification. So, when you are purchasing assets for life, Aman Gem is your natural choice.
  • High Satisfaction:All the genuine diamonds in our store pass through rigorous quality tests before we make them available to the buyers. Gemologists at our store, inspect each brown diamond individually before giving approval. The polish and design of each stone is the handiwork of masters in the trade.
  • Superior Service:Ours is a name you can trust whether you are doing business with us for the first time or just once again. Superior services, attention to client requirements, and expertise on the job have helped us to attain and retain top positions in the industry for many years.
Begin your lifelong love with Brown diamonds with our exclusive presentations paving the way. You can best use our diamonds with colorless or cognac stones for excellent contrasts in jewelry design. As more and more people are ready to experiment with various shades of diamond ranging from Pink, Green, Blue, Orange, to the Yellow and even Black, the time is ripe for unleashing the color BROWN!

For our customers we also offer fancy diamond cuts besides the regular round cut varieties. So you can experiment all you want with special Heart and Arrow cut stones and even give us customize suggestions to try! We're going to welcome it for sure‚Ķ

You have further questions, interests, and queries regarding Brown diamonds or diamonds in general? Feel free to contact Aman Gem experts without fail! We are always at your service!