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Aman Gem are manufacturers, exporters and importers of high quality Brown Diamonds. We have clients in various countries of Asia, Europe, and USA. Our specialization is VS+ quality dark brown diamonds in sizes ranging from 0.01ct up to 10ct. All these exclusive stones are between Color Grades C1 and C8. In order to polish and cut the rough stones to ultimate brilliance, we employ the most advanced and the latest technologies known in the diamond industry. We also employ highly skilled human resource pool as dedicated to customer satisfaction as we are.

Through our exacting business standards, an impressive model for business, and strong ethics, we have ensured consistent rough stone supply to meet the ever-increasing needs of our buyers. Today we are established firmly across value chains and in major jewelry and diamond centers globally. Our focus has remained on providing expansive choices in Certified Brown Diamonds enhancing their popularity in the mainstream market during the coming years. Our stone selections are in keeping with the tastes and expectations of our customers in Shape, Carat, Cut, Brilliance, and Quality.

Coming away from the shadow of colorless diamonds, which are so much in vogue we want to create a unique niche with our special brown certified stones! Aman Gem takes every pain to make a diamond purchase an exciting and satisfying experience for our customers inspiring them to repeat it and even recommend to others. As more and more people come to know about the beauty, exquisiteness, and jewelry applications of brown diamonds, its popularity is bound to increase. We aim to remain at the helm when this happens!
Our company is set to be the drivers of change in public perception by setting an exacting standard for the Diamond Industry.

Diamonds & Gemstones are in our DNA...


Originally known as Klean Diamonds, Aman Gem is a family venture by Mr. Alpesh Jhaveri and Mr. Gaurang Jhaveri, both seasoned diamond traders with many years of industry experience. JHAVERI in our family name signifies a person dealing in precious stones or jewelry and this point naturally to our calling in life. Being third generation traders in this business, we have cumulatively completed 40+ years in business and going strong as EVER!  The popularity of our business lies in the supply of goods as per the exact requirements of our clients and competitive pricing.

Based in Bandra (East), Mumbai, we supply top-of-the-line dark brown diamonds of all sizes and shape across India as well as other parts of the world. Our strong presence is evident in our expansive client base in such countries as USA, Hong Kong, Germany, Africa and various places in Europe. In the coming times, we are all set to expand our operations in other countries of the globe too.


To satisfy customers with on-time delivery, competitive price, and high-quality products whilst maintaining consistency in the polished diamond assortment.

To educate people that just as colorless diamonds, colored diamonds are REAL diamonds too, the only difference being the presence of color!


Accelerate progress, to grab top industry position in Brown Diamond manufacture and trade through support of modern infrastructure, communication methods, technology, and a strong, unified team!

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